Request Tutoring

Meridian West Central College Students

Tutoring is only available students currently enrolled in Meridian West Central College. To request tutoring, first login to your student account. Click on the Name button on the main toolbar to open the My Account menu. Click on the Request Tutoring button on the My Account menu. Complete and submit the Tutoring Request Form. You will be notified once a tutoring session has been scheduled with an instructor.

Tutoring sessions are generally scheduled between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on regular school days. Tutoring is not available on weekends or holidays. Same day tutoring requests are not available.

Tutoring may be conducted in person, by phone, or online using a Video-Conferencing application such as Zoom or GoTo Meeting. Once the tutoring session has been scheduled with an instructor, you will be notified and receive an e-mail confirming the scheduled session. Make sure to be on time for your scheduled session.

Take advantage of these resources if you need help with any of your course work. We want you to succeed!

Teacher In Fron Of Classroom