RN Remedial Course

Registered Nurse Remedial Course

BSN Program

Program Description

The proposed Professional Nurse Remedial-RN nursing curriculum includes specific clinical experience and theoretical instruction to assist participants to review and practice the required knowledge and skills to be eligible to take the NCLEX exam, for:

  1. Applicants who have failed the NCLEX 3 times
  2. Endorsement applicants who do not have a license in any state and have not worked in 5 years
  3. International applicants with educational deficiencies (Board order)

The didactic component includes 7 weeks of classroom (80 hours) of an intensive review with a clinical component that include 9 weeks of clinicals (96 hours) which will addresses all areas in the didactic component at a hospital, acute care, and simulation nursing lab. The clinical practicum will be scheduled in ten hour shifts at the discretion of the assigned preceptor. We will make sure that participants understand that clinical space is seriously limited by other schools requiring clinical space and that will govern the schedule based on preceptor availability and the need for continuity.

Additional components of the course will include: