Financial Aid

Paying For College

Cost of Attendance

The costs of attending college includes tuition and fees.

Meridian West Central College is not a lending institution. However, we work with the student for payment arrangements to assist them in achieving their educational goals. As a convenience, Meridian West Central College also accepts all major credit cards and checks as payment for tuition and educational related expenses.

Other Types of Aid

Payment Plans

Meridian West Central College arranges payment plans when full tuition cannot be paid. A plan is made with the Chief Financial Officer. While MWCC is not a lending institution, it works with the student to meet their educational goals

Other Types of Financial Aid


Scholarship awards are usually based on academic excellence and not necessarily on financial need.

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CareerSource Suncoast Scholarships

CareerSource Suncoast is an organization that provides resources for students, veterans, employers, entrepreneurs, businesses and the community in general. You can apply here for a scholarship and may possibly get some assistance with tuition. It is another potential financial resource that could help with the cost of education.

Apply Here for a Suncoast Scholarship


Grants may be awarded from the federal government, the state government and/or private organizations. However, the College scholarships are merit based and awards are typically based on financial need.


Students can access alternative loans for tuition payment that are offered at low interest rates, which must be repaid after the student leaves college, or drops below half-time enrollment.

Meritize Piggy Bank

Meritize Lending LLC

Meritize offers educational financing to students for programs that lead to better careers. Meritize looks beyond FICO scores and even if you lack a credit score, a co-borrower option is still possible to obtain the loan. Click the Apply Today button to get started with Meritize.

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Meritize Offers:

Meritize Repayment Terms Loans are:

There is a platform fee upon loan approval. Visit the Meritize website for complete details.

Meridian West Central College Cancellation and Refund Policy

Students have the right to cancel the enrollment agreement including any other goods related to the instruction offered in the enrollment agreement. Should an applicant/student cancel or be terminated for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following policy and schedule.

Financial Information

The College is not yet eligible to accept FAFSA and therefore cannot currently offer nor accept student loans. MWCC has in place a payment plan to help students. You may also want to look at the private alternative student loans for nursing students.

Students who are in a situation where they must take out a loan for college expenses should consult with the college financial advisor first, before taking any actions.

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