Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing

BSN Program

Program Description

Earning as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN is a critical step for a career in nursing, opening doors to higher paying nursing positions by expanding the types of nursing duties registered nurses can perform and qualifying them for positions in management and health education.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Nursing (BSN) Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Provide safe, competent care through the development of an individualized plan of care that adheres to the accepted standards of care, and scope of practice with the use of therapeutic interventions.
  2. Synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines in the provision of care to clients within the health illness continuum throughout the life span.
  3. Utilize creative leadership to promote quality health care and patient safety in a rapidly changing multicultural, multiethnic, global environment.
  4. Synthesize and apply evidence and research findings from nursing and from other disciplines to improve or change nursing practice.
  5. Apply the principle of communication to establish and maintain therapeutic relationships with clients and their families, as well as a professional relationship with members of various healthcare teams.
  6. Function as an advocate and change agent in influencing healthcare policies, delivery, economics, and health disparities to improve the quality of health for diverse populations.
  7. Prepares the student for eligibility to take the NCLEX-RN certification.


To receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, students must complete 92.0 credits in their major, 28.0 credits in General Education and prerequisite science courses for a combined total of 120.0 credits.

Entrance Requirements

Candidates that successfully complete the requirements listed above must submit the following to be considered for enrollment (all at applicant’s expense).

Graduation Requirements

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing will be issued to each student who successfully completes the program and satisfies all the graduation requirements for Nursing.

BSN Nursing Program Milestones

  1. Students must be admitted to the B.S.N. Nursing degree program at Meridian West Central College.
  2. Students must begin Developmental coursework in the first semester in advance or prior to attending Meridian West Central College.
  3. Students must complete at least six degree-applicable credits with a C+ or better each fall and spring semester.
  4. Students must and be admitted to MWCC’s Co-Enrollment RN-to-BSN program.
  5. Students must complete their MWCC Nursing Prerequisites with a grade of C+ or better by completion of the ADN Nursing program. The Meridian West Central College Nursing Prerequisites are as follows:
    1. Anatomy and Physiology I
    2. Anatomy and Physiology II
    3. Microbiology
    4. Chemistry
    5. Statistics
  6. Students must maintain a 2.85 GPA and:
    1. Remain in good standing in the BSN Nursing program at MWCC.
    2. Complete all courses (Nursing Prerequisites, Meridian West Central College Core, Nursing Program courses, and electives) with a C+ or better.
  7. Students must take and pass the NCLEX examination upon completion of their ADN Nursing program at Meridian West Central College.
  8. After completion of their ADN degree, students must complete any remaining Meridian West Central College Core requirements at Meridian West Central College.
  9. At least 30+ credits must be taken in degree status at Meridian West Central College.

This program has additional requirements for admission. Students must meet with a Meridian West Central College SON Advisor before signing the admission enrollment agreement.

All nursing prerequisite courses must be complete prior to graduation from the ADN Nursing program at Meridian West Central College. To minimize the time needed to earn the BSN, the Meridian West Central College Core elective requirements should be completed prior to starting the Co-enrollment program but is not required. After/upon graduating from the ADN-Nursing program, students must complete any remaining Core or elective courses at Meridian West Central College.

Course Number Course Title
Note: If a bachelor degree program entrance requirement is to transfer having earned an associate degree, enter the transfer of credit here.
Semester I
BSC 201 Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BSC 201L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
ENC 101 English Composition 3
PHI 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3
MAC 101 College Algebra 3
Total 13
Semester II
BSC 202 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BSC 202L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
MCB 201 Microbiology 3
MCB 201L Microbiology Lab 1
PSY 201 General Psychology 3
CHM 101 General Chemistry 3
CHM 101L General Chemistry Lab 1
Total 15
Semester III
HUN 200 Nutrition for Health Care Professionals 2
STA 300 Statistics for Health Care Professionals 3
NUR 101 Fundamentals of Nursing 5
NUR 101L Fundamentals of Nursing Lab 2
NUR 102 Behavioral Theories in Nursing 5
Semester IV
NUR 202 Advanced Concepts in Adult Health Care I 7
NUR 305 Advanced Pharmacology for Nurses 3
NUR 310 Health Promotion 3
NUR 306 Principles of Pathophysiology 3
Semester V
NUR 203 Advanced Concepts in Adult Health Care II 6
NUR 207 Professional Issues in Contemporary Nursing 3
NUR 410 Health Care Law and Policies 3
NUR 411 Health Informatics 3
Semester VI
NUR 204 Obstetrical and Pediatric Nursing Care I 6
NUR 206 Nursing Leadership 6
NUR 405 Disaster Management for Nurses 2
NUR 403 Global Health Promotion 3
Semester VII
NUR 304 Obstetrical and Pediatric Nursing Care II 4
NUR 303 Advanced Concepts in Adult Health Care III 5
NUR 404 Nursing Research 3
NUR 412 Professional Role Development & Transition to Practice 4
Semester VIII
NUR 401 Advanced Concepts in Adult Health Care IV 5
NUR 402 Community Health Nursing (Practicum) 3
NUR 406 Integration of Nursing Process (Capstone) 2
NUR 407 Licensure Preparatory Course (NCLEX Review) 2
Total BSN Program Courses 123

*Foreign Language (FGL-000/2-credits) will be required if not present on high school or any other transcript.

BSN Academic Grade Standards:

  1. Grade of 80 (B) or higher is passing. Anything below is not passing.
  2. One unsatisfactory grade is allowed. A second failure will lead to termination from the program.
  3. ADN students must remain in good standing in the A.D.N.-Nursing program at Meridian West Central College and failure to adhere to the academic standards of the ADN-Nursing program will halt progress in the Meridian West Central College-SON BSN program.