Emergency Room Nurses

The Admissions Process


The college pre-nursing entrance exam is a standardized aptitude test that measures your aptitude in various areas such as English, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology and Math. The test is one of the most commonly used nursing school entrance exams. The test is designed to evaluate your potential to perform well in the program.

The college offers the HESI A-2 Prep pre-test review course to interested candidates looking to work on their academic skills in preparation to take the MWCC/HESI A-2 exam. The HESI A-2 review courses are a great way for you to re-learn important concepts while also learning new material that will be tested on the HESI A-2 exam. The exam review courses will help you become more comfortable when taking the exam and boost your chances for success. Prepping for the HESI A-2 exam isn’t just helpful, it’s crucial.

Candidate are only permitted to take the MWCC/HESI A-2 exam twice per school year.

Important Information

The cost of the MWCC/HESI-2 exam review course is $220 (which includes the $85 testing fee). Participation in the review course is recommended but does not guarantee test success.



If you need help navigating the admissions process call Meridian West Central College at (941) 893-5443 to speak with an admissions representative or use the Online Student Services page to schedule a live online meeting with an advisor.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Program Admission

  1. Enrollment applications are available on and submitted electronically either through the College website or by U.S. Mail using a printable application form. The online and printable application forms and completing instructions can be found here: Apply Now on the application page.
  2. Meridian West Central College works closely with high school counselors by supplying them with information about the College, as well as important enrollment and scholarship deadlines. It is highly recommended that students take advantage of their high school counselors’ expertise and assistance in completing the application, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
  3. Prospective students must fill out the enrollment application and submit the application along with the $150.00 application fee through. Prospective students will be contacted by an enrollment professional as soon as the application is received, and the processing of the information is initiated.
  4. All prospective ADN students must submit a copy of his or her final high school official transcript, or GED, any ACT or SAT scores, college transcript, Straighterline exams and professional nursing unencumbered license.
  5. Any of the following entrance exams: HESI A2: 75-80% score, NACE I and NACE II:74 or higher are acceptable and must be submitted to the Meridian West Central College Online Enrollment Center.